Controlling Blackmagic ATEM Fairlight audio mixing using Behringer X32 (or Midas M32)

We use the ATEM TV Studio Pro 4K for live vision mixing, particularly with livestreams. The ATEMs have a built-in Fairlight audio mixing capability. However, you get no native control surface with the TVS4K, only an on-screen mixer via a laptop.


On-screen mixing controls are at best a big compromise, so Blackmagic allow external control surfaces to be used through the ATEM control software. We wondered if the Behringer X32 audio desks we use for livestreaming could be used to control the ATEM's Fairlight audio whilst still live-mixing analogue audio sources to feed the ATEM.


Nobody else seemed to have tried this, but the answer is, yes, you can. So we made a video tutorial.


If you're a Behringer X32 user wanting to control the Fairlight audio mixer on your Blackmagic ATEM vision mixer, here's how to do it.

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