Interactive Virtual Art Galleries

Galleries have been forced to adapt to a complete absence of footfall for exhibitions during lockdown. How do you sell art if people can't visit to see it?


We came up with a solution: an interactive virtual art gallery.


Virtual visitors can browse the gallery in a natural, organic way from the comfort of their own device. Close-up images of pictures for sale are interspersed with video content of the artist, explaining their motivation and creative process, and talking about specific works.


Intrigued? Click through to see what a virtual gallery looks like!

What's Special About Devonia Media's Interactive Virtual Art Galleries?

Basic interactive tours are ubiquitous - for homes and rental properties, for example.


But the art world demands a higher-quality, more customised experience than off-the-shelf providers can deliver.


We use a specialist workflow to capture dozens high-resolution images of the gallery, preserving every detail and colour. We then meticulously hand-stitch the images into a 300-500 megapixel 360º tour.


We then add in high quality still images of each artwork, as well as other media such as film of the artist discussing various aspects of their work, all in convenient, bite-sized clips.


Images are linked to your gallery sales site, so interested visitors can directly purchase the artwork.


All branding is fully customisable so your gallery and the featured artwork stays completely on-brand. And, because we work quickly and efficiently, we can keep costs within your budget.

How Does It Work?

We film high-quality interviews with the artists you wish to feature, either on location or at the gallery. We edit these and can then optionally provide clips optimised for your social media channels.


Once the exhibition is hung, we spend a few hours taking dozens of still images of the gallery from one or several different viewpoints, which are then processed into extremely high quality 360º views.


You may wish to "dress" the gallery with props which visually lead to the video content - for example, a jar of brushes which provides a jumping-off point to a video of the artist talking about materials. Or you may choose to keep the gallery visually clean.


We can take stills of the artwork, or you can provide these if you already have them for your website.


We combine everything together, add your branding and give you a link to your interactive virtual gallery which you can embed in your web page and social media outlets. All hosting is included within the creation cost.


Contact us for pricing and further information.

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