High Quality, Multi-Camera Livestreaming

Devonia Media has pioneered cost-effective, broadcast-quality professional livestreaming as a way to reach new audiences. We livestream shows, public & corporate events, public meetings, training and even weddings.

See what high-quality livestreaming looks like and what it can do for you.

What sort of livestreaming?

You can think of our livestreaming as a live television production, broadcast over the Internet.


It's not the same as videoconferencing. Videoconferencing normally involves single, fixed, low quality cameras in different locations, and is a two-way communication method.


Livestreaming is a broadcast method, so it's aimed at sending a message outwards towards the rest of the world. However, the audience can still interact with the content, live, online.


We livestream at broadcast quality using TV-style production methods. We use multiple cameras (some fixed, some automated, some moving), multiple microphones and depending on the situation can add in lighting rigs, PAs and projection systems to make your livestream as big or small as you wish.


The end result can be more akin to Ant & Dec on a Saturday night than a talking head in front of a camera. However - don't be fooled into thinking this entails TV production costs. We've gone out of our way to build systems that scale right down to a single operator, meaning we can tailor livestreaming to fit any budget.


The livestream audience can be public (e.g. through YouTube, Facebook Live or other live platforms) or can be restricted to your own staff, or an invited list of guests.

Why should I care?

Livestreaming allows you to communicate with a global audience, realtime, with complete professionalism.


For example,

  • Events organisers can open up speaker sessions not just to the people inside a conference centre or event marquee, but to audiences globally.
  • Publicly accountable bodies (such as NHS trusts) use livestreaming to present their progress to the public. Anybody, anywhere can tune in live or after the event to view the content.
  • Large organisations livestream their "Town Hall" meetings, product launches and kickoffs internally, so that remote and regional staff can all take part in these events.
  • Press releases, product announcements and other public corporate events can be livestreamed globally. Why make the journalists come to you when you can reach journalists and customers worldwide, all live?
  • We even livestream weddings and special occasions.


If you're thinking about how livestreaming can help your organisation reach a global audience, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Hang on, doesn't my phone do livestreaming?

Well, anybody can livestream by holding a phone in the air and connecting to Facebook Live. That doesn't mean you'll be able to hear what's going on, or that this technique is suitable for presenting your organisation in the light you want it to be perceived. We use the term "professional livestreaming" because it's suitable for professional use cases for people who value the image of their brand.

"Huge thanks & well done tonight :) It looked amazing and your enthusiasm for what we wanted to do was very refreshing. It was easy for me to have the idea but not so easy to technically make it happen!! So thanks again." - Producer, BBC South West, commenting on livestream segment

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