Livestreaming for Schools & Colleges

So you have day students and boarders; parents may be the other side of the county, or the other side of the continent. How do you let them participate in their child's graduation, sports day or school play? For schools with boarders and overseas students, sharing these moments is now realistic and practical.


Devonia Media's scaleable, cost-effective livestreaming service allows your school to share its students' key moments with parents wherever they may be. Streaming is done securely to a pre-authorised target audience, and with a quality and branding that reflects your school's standing.


This isn't just about your school's prestige of course - it's also about giving parents the opportunity to be there for their child's milestones even if they're physically distant or overseas, which is something they'll value immensely.


Livestreaming of school events works brilliantly for preparatory schools, independent schools, public schools and colleges.

Livestreaming for Graduations

Universities have been streaming their graduation ceremonies online for a while now, but Devonia Media makes it cost-effective for schools to do the same. Whether your students are finishing prep school, GCSEs or A-levels, as they move on to the next challenge, they can share their special moment with friends and family around the world.


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Livestreaming for Sports Days & Sporting Events

Your school may have many prestigious sporting events throughout the year, but it's difficult for parents to be there for their children each and every time - particularly for overseas students!


We can televise your sports events live over the internet to a global audience, privately or publicly as you choose.


Indoor sports, outdoor sports, rugby, football, netball, lacrosse, outdoor activities, team events, athletics, equestrianism... Devonia Media has it covered, although if we're honest, we were not brilliant college lacrosse players.


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Livestreaming for School Plays, Theatre, Productions & Orchestras

Filming theatre is an art in itself; capturing the moment with challenging lighting conditions and conveying the emotion of the performance isn't for the faint-hearted. Livestreaming copyrighted work brings its own challenges! But if the performers' parents aren't able to be there in the room, we can bring the performance to them.


Talk to us about how we can overcome technical and rights hurdles to bring school productions to a global audience.

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