Livestreaming of Funerals, Services of Remembrance & Services of Thanksgiving

With many people having friends & family all over the world, it can be saddening not to be able to attend the funeral or thanksgiving service for a loved one.


Many crematoria now have webcasting capabilities, but if the funeral service is being held in a church or other place of celebration, we can help ensure all friends and family can be part of this shared experience, regardless of location.


A single camera at the back of a room won't help the remote audience properly see, hear or share in the experience of the service, so we place a number of live cameras discreetly around the space, and use high-quality wireless audio systems to make sure all speakers can be properly heard. A highly-skilled on-site director takes care of live audio & vision mixing, and controls the cameras and the livestream.


A sympathetic, discreet service means family and friends can concentrate on celebrating and commemorating the life of a loved one while we take care of everything behind the scenes.

"Thank you so much for yesterday. It was amazing. My sister was extremely happy. Thank you again, you did a brilliant job."

A service for Funeral Directors

Much of our work is carried out on behalf of Funeral Directors. Contact us with a time and location and we will take care of the rest. We are happy to liaise and invoice through you, or directly with the client, as you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The service is taking place at a location with no internet connection. Can it still be livestreamed?


We have a variety of options on hand to provide internet access where it's not normally accessible. Let us know the location as far in advance as possible and it's highly likely we will be able to make suitable arrangements.


How is this different from the livestreaming offered by the crematorium?


Crematoria often offer livestreams through a single fixed camera. This is fine in a crematorium where format of the service is the same each time, but in a more complex venue such as a church, a single camera won't let viewers properly see or hear what's going on. We use up to 5-6 discreetly placed cameras, and wireless audio systems, to make sure everybody can be fully involved in the service.


Can you guarantee the livestream?


Unforutunately, livestreaming can occasionally fail due to circumstances beyond our control, such as internet connectivity issues, streaming platform failure, etc. Although we make every reasonable effort to avoid such problems, in the event of the livestream failing, our maximum liability is the total cost you have paid for the livestreaming, and no liability can be accepted for other costs incurred. In the unlikely event of the stream failing, we will make every endeavour to provide a high-quality recorded version online at the earliest opportunity.

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