Live Stream Your Wedding or Special Occasion!

People tend to be globally connected, with friends and family around the world. Social media allows us to maintain these global relationships, but for special occasions, it's not always practical for family and friends to fly around the world.


Devonia Media are pioneering use of live-streaming technology to make your wedding ceremony, birthday celebration or other special event accessible to anybody, anywhere.


We use broadcast-quality cameras and equipment to live-stream your special occasion to social media (typically YouTube or Facebook Live). You can choose to share your event live to a select pre-approved group, or for those who love to embrace social media, your wedding or birthday can truly reach a global audience!

"We thought what you did was wonderful and we have had so many positive comments about the idea and the quality. Thank you! A difficult and restrictive situation ended up making our day extra special and memorable for all in the end, we were able to share the link with the guests that couldn’t make it and the large group watching from in the marquee with a drink in their hand had a fantastic time." - M&I

Weddings under social distancing restrictions

You may be gutted at the prospect of not being able to accomodate all the guests you want at your beautiful wedding ceremony :( If so, we've got great news.


We've refined our wedding livestreaming service so we can produce a fantastic-quality, multiple camera livestream using just a single operator. It's unobtrusive and COVID-friendly, and will let you share your special occasion live with all your guests, family and friends, anywhere around the world!


If you'd like to consider live-streaming your special occasion, contact us for a preliminary discussion.

"I can not thank you enough. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know who is getting married. The video was just wonderful." - M&S

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