UAV (Drone) Filming & Photography

Having previously operated under a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), we have recertified under the new Open operational class with the A2 Certificate of Competence, which we believe now best meets the needs of general commercial operators.


We fly various drones to capture high-quality still and moving visuals for a variety of purposes, including videography, aerial photography, video production, 360 degree panoramas, aerial 2D and 3D surveys.

Aerial panorama of Hope Cove, South Devon Hope Cove, shot as a High Dynamic Range panorama at sunset

The Devonia Media Drone Difference

It turns out anybody can buy a drone and call themselves a drone operator, with no experience of filming, photography, videography or broadcast. Unfortunately, this means that mediocre drone operators are now two-a-penny.


Flying the drone is the easy part. The Devonia Media difference is using a filmmaker's eye to capture stunning visuals, and taking time and care to process these using the best available software and hardware to give an unrivalled end product.


Tools we routinely use for drone work include:

  • Workhorse drones with broadcast-quality manual cameras
  • High Dynamic Range workflows
  • Automated flight control software, to repeatedly fly a specific route and iteratively tune the results, or coordinate with ground-based operators & equipment
  • 360 degree HDR panoramic filming & processing
  • Live broadcast output (TV & livestreaming)
  • Automated data capture & processing for 2D & 3D mapping


However, that doesn't mean we charge a premium for our services; our business model is to charge a fair price but deliver an exceptional result.

If you'd like to discuss any aspects of drone operations, including the feasibility of drone use for a particular project you have in mind, do contact us to find out what's possible.

"...the producers here absolutely loved it, and picked up on the drone stuff especially. They asked who'd done it because it stood out so much. So thanks for doing such a cracking job and for being so good to have along yesterday too." - Director, BBC's The One Show

"...fabulous drone shots. Really very nicely filmed and out together with some great clips." - Editor, BBC Politics England

Aerial photo of Salcombe, Devon at twilight Salcombe, South Devon, shot at twilight in High Dynamic Range

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