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We work with clients seeking to market their real estate for sale, as well as holiday-home owners and agents who want to portray their homes in unique and stunning ways.

The Fallapit Estate, East Allington

Property Video Production

Videoing a property isn't just a case of throwing a drone in the air, pulling back on a stick and receding into the distance (despite some of the property videos we've seen on YouTube - unbelievably, people actually pay money for this.) We have both the vision and the technology to use advanced production techniques to take things several steps further.


We use UAVs, agile handheld cameras and production video cameras to capture a variety of types of footage inside and outside your property, then edit and grade these carefully in order to portray the beauty and surroundings of your property in the best light.

360 Degree Panoramas

These images are interactive! Use your pointer to pan, zoom and click links.

360 degree panoramas give an internal or external view of a property in a unique interactive format, allowing the viewer to see what they want, rather than what the photographer wanted.

We have automated cameras that will capture a series of High Dynamic Range images of the inside of a property or a ground-based scene; we then use highly sophisticated software to process these images into a high-resolution, High Dynamic Range panorama.


Take a look inside All Saints' Church, Malborough, to see how this differs from normal photography.

The addition of drones into the mix allows us to showcase a property or feature from the sky; a technique which is particularly effective in bringing the surroundings of your property to life in a way that still images can't, and which is ideal for properties in coastal or countryside areas.


Our view of this property near Stokenham, Devon, highlights its proximity to the sea, and showcases the beautiful surroundings in a way that isn't achievable using traditional techniques. Points of Interest allow potential clients for this holiday home to visualise their experience and plan their holiday.


Many of our 360 panoramas can be viewed on our Spinattic site - click each image to launch the 360 degree viewer to browse and zoom each one.

Looking towards Start Bay from the Bowden Estate

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