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Green Screen (Chroma Keying)

If you need green screen facilities, we have a fully mobile green screen facility for use with live or post-production chroma keying.


In case you didn't know, green screen is a chroma-keying technique used to overlay a presenter over a completely different background - commonly for TV elements such as weather forecasts.


Our facilities allow us to overlay your talent on top of any still, video or graphical background. Our vision mixers' built-in keying enables this for live productions, or we can key in post-production.


Instead of bringing your talent to the studio, we bring our studio to the talent, with a completely portable green screen facility for both live and post-production.


As with all Devonia Media's facility offerings, it's all about innovative use of technology to create excellent value-for-money, bringing advanced production techniques within reach of any reasonable budget.

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Our media clients include:

BBC News

CBBC Newsround

The One Show

BBC Spotlight

BBC Politics England

The Times

Mail Online

Mirror Online

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