David French: Contract Camera, Drone, Editing & Production

As well as running Devonia Media as an independent production company, I provide contract film & video services to broadcasters and filmmakers, most notably several BBC programmes including The One Show, BBC Spotlight, BBC Politics England and Inside Out.

Camera Operator

I maintain a range of camera equipment of my own and also work using broadcast and studio equipment such as the Sony PMW500. My camera work is innovative, eyecatching and reliable. Working in broadcast news means I'm used to getting the job done well, quickly and efficiently.

Specialist Camera

As well as using standard broadcast equipment, I can provide a range of services using Devonia Media's own equipment, including use of a 14' jib with stabilised remote camera, a flexible and easy-to-deploy cablecam system, and a range of stabilised gimbals.


I have a strong interest in the clever use of technology to push the boundaries of what's possible on a budget. For example, I've pioneered the use of stabilised handheld gimbals with an electric unicycle to capture stabilised tracking shots at up to 20km/h without the need for a dolly.

Drone Operator

I'm fully licensed by the CAA for commercial drone operations, including a blanket exemption to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over built-up areas. Choose between a small, discreet drone for quick, unobtrusive deployment, or a larger workhorse drone with broadcast-quality camera and a live capability.


I'm a highly skilled editor using both FCP X and Quantel, in forms varying from fast-turnaround newsgathering to longform documentary and current affairs.

Livestream Production

The programme doesn't have to end when the timeslot runs out! Having pioneered low-cost, efficient broadcast-quality livestreaming, Devonia Media offers this service to broadcasters. For smaller productions, multiple cameras, vision mixing, sound, graphics and Astons can all be controlled by a single skilled operator, representing excellent value-for-money. For larger productions we work with a range of skilled freelancers with wide experience in live TV production to deliver the livestream you need.

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Our media clients include:

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BBC Spotlight

BBC Politics England

BBC Reel

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