Final Cut Pro X Training

Final Cut Pro X is a steep learning curve for those used to traditional non-linear editing packages such as Adobe Premiere, FCP 7 and Quantel qEdit.


The huge differences introduced with FCP X mean many editors loathe it on sight. This is a shame, as it's a highly capable, fully-featured video editing suite with the capability to support a fast, efficient workflow, which many professional editors worldwide have grown to love and depend on. We find that, given a week of good experiences with FCP X, even the haters will come to love its capabilities.


For organisations looking at making the change to Final Cut Pro X, I can make the transition far more painless than you might expect. With a strong background in providing high-quality technical training to large professional organisations, I customise FCP X training to your specific workflow needs.


In my role of a freelance TV news editor working for the BBC, I fully understand the editing, colour correction, audio and grading requirements of broadcasters and independent production companies.


Training is very much hands-on, and designed individually to ensure fast progress for those who are already professional editors, whether their initial background is in NLE or even tape-based. Editors will quickly learn the new concepts and paradigms that FCP X introduces, allowing them to quickly achieve outstanding results.


Whether you're looking at a single-day "bring us up to speed" course, or a managed rollout across multiple locations, contact me to arrange an initial discussion.

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