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High Dynamic Range (HDR) filming

High Dynamic Range filming is a combination of technologies, techniques and skills which allows filming of a much wider contrast, brightness & colour range than traditional filming.

Sample frame showing Standard Dynamic Range (left) vs High Dynamic Range (right). For the website, this still image has to be in SDR - so this actual still isn't true HDR - but it gives a subjective comparison.

Filming in HDR isn't particularly difficult - most modern film cameras now have good dynamic range, and support formats which capture this. However, shooting, editing and grading in HDR is somewhat more difficult; you need HDR-capable edit machines and software, high-NIT HDR monitors, and a thorough understanding of colour spaces & gamma curves. Even the wrong cable can destroy an HDR workflow.


We've developed and refined the ability to shoot, edit and grade in full HDR (Rec.2020 HLG or PQ). We won't embed any sample work here, because if you're viewing it on SDR equipment, you won't see the difference! But we're happy to provide samples on request.

Why would I need High Dynamic Range (HDR) filming?

Many consumers now have TVs and phones capable of outputting HDR to some extent. However, content creators aren't generally geared up to creating proper HDR content, unless they have large production crews and high budgets (we're looking at you Blue Planet!)


BBC research has shown that HDR filming makes a much greater subjective difference than 4K vs HD to the vast majority of situations. So presenting your content in HDR will look subjectively better to most people than presenting it in 4K - but 4K is pretty easy these days, so that's the path of least resistance to most creators. (We're happy to work in 4K HDR too if that's what you want.)


Whether you're generating content for YouTube, or want a striking, engaging corporate video playing in your reception area, we can meet all your HDR production needs.

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